Our Workflow

Each project is custom and unique to its scope, but this is a general process of how the work flows.

Discovery Meeting

You talk about your business, we will listen, and ask questions. We will discuss your brand, target audience, growth goals, profit margins, and the value of each customer.

Strategy + Proposal

Our team puts together a custom strategy to achieve your growth goals using a varied channel approach.

Kickstart Meeting

We align our teams to get the strategy in place and ready for launch.

Soft Launch

We start with a scaled "rehearsal" launch to test the results and make minor improvements before the final launch.

Campaign Launch

All campaigns, design creative, and content is in place for a full launch.

Review Data + Optimize

Based on campaign data, improvements and optimizations are made to targeting, bidding, creative, ect.

Custom Reports + Review Meetings

Tailored reports based on the campaign strategy are delivered along with a meeting to review the results and plan of action.

Continued Growth

The ideas and plans are never done. We are constantly learning and testing to deliver our clients with scaled growth.